What To Pack for Cartagena

Wondering what to pack for your trip to Cartagena?

Below is a list of the essentials that we always recommend traveling with. The list is not meant to be a complete list of everything to bring, but rather a specific compilation of things that are sometimes overlooked by travelers. Remember one of the best parts of traveling is bringing home memories from the road so save a little space in your bag.

Take for instance our first item – a Hat to block the sun. Buying a hat in Colombia can make a great keepsake and the price of hats in Colombia won’t break the bank. Whatever you decide, know that the sun is strong in Colombia, and you’ll want some protection from it.

Cartagena is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast and has a tropical climate with lots of sun. One of the first things you will notice in Colombia is that the locals enjoy dressing in bright airy colors and patterns. So, for the evenings you will likely want more than shorts and a t-shirt. Also, we can’t recommend sunscreen enough!

One of the activities you will enjoy in Cartagena is a trip to the Rosario Islands. You will want to pack accordingly. You will also spend a considerable amount of time going out to dinner, touring neighborhoods, and working.

Packing List

❖ Walking Shoes/Sandals/Evening Shoes

❖ Swimwear/Beach Towel

❖ Sunscreen/Sunglasses

❖ Rain Shoes/Rain Jacket

❖ Clothes for a Couple Evenings on the Town

❖ Laptop/Power Cord

❖ Hat (trust us on this one the sun is quite bright)

❖ Phone Chargers (extra one for the office)

❖ Water Bottle

❖ Socks/Shorts/Underwear

❖ Portable Power Bank (optional)

❖ Packable Backpack/Bag

❖ Toiletries

❖ Passport

❖ Covid 19 Vaccination Card

Traveler Tips

  • Sunscreen can be expensive in Cartagena so be sure to pack your own.

  • Hair and beauty supplies can be expensive in Colombia and not the same quality you are used to in Chicago.

  • You can bring your travel adaptor as a backup but Colombia has US outlets.

  • There is Wi-Fi pretty much everywhere.

  • You are able to stream Netflix in Colombia but due to licensing agreements there might be a few different shows from what you are used to.

  • Don’t feel like you need to pack for every what-if scenario. Just like the US there will be a supermarket or local store on just about every block.

  • Colombia is gorgeous, so you’re going to take a million pictures! You might want to consider bringing a GoPro if you have one.