Complete List of How to Meet People in Chicago

Chicago is a busy city and there is always something going on somewhere. With this list we hope to give you an idea of where to start looking for new friends. Whether you are into volunteering, comedy classes, sports leagues or fitness, there is something for everyone in this great city!

Human connection is vitally important for our health and sharing a commonality is a way to bring people together! The best way to develop new friendships is to find commonalities with others. The below organizations are great places to find people with similar tastes and interests.

Faith Based Organizations

When people get together and center around a shared faith, friendships form. We meet other people who have been in the same situation as us, who understand our struggles, and who share our faith. Below we put together a brief list of some spiritual organizations for young professionals in Chicago.

Park Community Church

Catholic Charities Young Associate Board

Jewish United Fund (JUF), multiple groups for young professionals

Muslim Urban Professionals

Muslim Women's Alliance

Chicago Tabernacle

Young Catholic Professionals

Catholic Charities of Chicago

Young Life Junior Board

Try a Workout

Our second recommendation is to find a fitness club or gym to become a local at. Pick your favorite activity or sport, and check online for a club in your neighborhood!

Chicago Runner's Association

Chicago Cycling Club

Climbing Gym

Title Boxing Club

Crossfit Gym

Yoga Studio


Lincoln Square Fencing Club

Fencing Center of Chicago

Red Star Fencing

Join a Martial Arts Class

Adult Karate

Premier Martial Arts

Warrior Institute of Chicago

Try an MMA Class

Join a Political Organization

Another commonality that helps people make connections is politics. By working on a cause that’s near and dear to you, you’ll be sure to find people with similar beliefs and values. We compiled a list of a few political organizations for young professionals in Chicago.

Chicago Young Republicans or Cook County Republican Party

Or Meetups like Chicago on the Right or Chicago Conservatives Meetup

Illinois Young Democrats and Cook County Young Democrats

Or Meetups like Chicago Democratic Socialists or South Side Chicago Drinking Liberally

Liberal and Conservative Common Ground Meetup

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Small Business Advocacy Council

Heartland Alliance Associate Board

Join a Professional Organization

Another commonality that brings people together is their occupation. While we were not able to provide a complete list of every professional organization, we compiled a few of the most popular below :).

Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section

Chicago Young Professional Illinois CPA Society

Chicago Actuarial Society

CFA Society of Chicago

Young Non Profit Workers Executive Board -

Society of Women Engineers -

Public Relations Society

Young Real Estate Professionals

Learn a New Skill

Another great way to develop new relationships is by taking a class or learning a new skill.

Developing relationships with other students who are also serious about learning the same skill can give you an instant commonality to bond over. Below we compiled some of our staff’s top picks for fun new ways to grow your skill set and meet new people.

Dance Classes