How to Complete the Check Mig Form for Entry Into Colombia: Step by Step Guide

Colombia requires you to complete the Check Mig form at least 1 hour before boarding your flight to Cartagena. The form is super easy, and you can fill it out up to 72 hours before your flight. You’ll need your flight information and passport to complete the form. Below I have put in step by step directions on how to fill this form:

You can access the form by going to:

First Page

Click English - Then Select “Make Your Check-Mig”

Second Page

Make the below selections:

  • “Air”

  • “Entrance to Colombia”

  • “Cartagena (CTG), Rafael Nunez Airport”

Bottom of Second Page

There are a few tricky things here so follow the below instructions.

  • Flight Date: Enter the date you’ll be landing in Colombia

  • Type of Flight: “Commercial”

  • Flight Number: Remember to Only Put Numbers (No Letters)

  • Country of Origin: “ESTADOS UNIDOS” = United States

  • State: “IKKINOIS” = Illinois

  • City: “CHICAGO”

Third Page - Nationality

On the top of the third page input your personal information

  • Nationality: The Passport you hold. Note that “ESTADOS UNIDOS” = United States

  • Trip Reason: “Turism” = Tourism

Bottom of Third Page - Hosting Data

-Department: “Bolivar”

-City: “Cartagena”

-Address: Put the address of your apartment

-Telephone: Your phone number

Fourth Page

The next page will ask you about your COVID history. Complete then select “Next”

Last Step!

Important: When you arrive on the last page be sure to save a copy to your phone (We recommend emailing it to yourself as well).

If you lose it and cannot find it in your email, you can go back to the above link and retrieve it.