Sports Leagues Are a Great Way to Relax and Meet New People

A great way to connect with new people, in Chicago, is by joining a sports league. First, sports brings together people of all walks of life that you will share a common interest with. I know people get nervous about meeting people, but sports really do bring people together. With sports you won’t need to worry about making small talk as most conversations will revolve around the game — it’s an automatic ice breaker!

Secondly, sports provide a common goal that encourages a teamwork mentality. You need to trust each other, work together, and play off each other's strengths and weaknesses to get better. You can quickly see which members of your team enjoy giving other people the chance to shine and who enjoys tearing others down. Which is why sports leagues are also a great way to find a life partner — because you see what you’re going to get.

Human connection is vitally important for our health and sharing a sport in common is a way to bring people together! All of these things are crucial when it comes to making friends. Playing a sport ois also not a bad way to keep in shape :).

Multi Sport Leagues

Chicago Sport and Social - is known as the most competitive of recreational sports leagues in Chicago. If you are not good at a sport we recommend starting with Players or S3.

Athletic Alliance of Chicago - is a sports league dedicated to uniting the LGBTQ community.

Players Sport and Social - in my opinion Players Sport and Social is a happy middle ground between the seriousness of Chicago Sport and Social and the partying of S3.

S3 Chicago - S3 stands for “Simply Social Sports” and that is exactly what the league is. In S3 partying comes first and sports comes second. I recommend S3 for anyone under the age of 28.

Stonewall Sports - is an LGBTQ & Ally community-based, non-profit sports organization founded in 2010 that strives to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. Our league values each player for who they are and what they bring to the leagues community.

CSMA Chicago - is the largest not-for-profit gay and lesbian sports organization in the Midwest.

Catholic Sports - offers Christ centered leagues in the Chicago area!

Single Sport Leagues

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Leagues - offers shuffleboard leagues for all skill levels!

Bad Axe Throwing League - offers both axe throwing leagues and knife throwing leagues.

World Axe Throwing League - core values are fun, safe, and competitive. Axe throwing leagues are 8 weeks long and you’re allowed to practice beforehand.

Better off Bowling - is simply a social bowling league. The league has a tendency to play at nicer facilities than S3 or other sports leagues that offer bowling but still has the same laid back feel.

American Bocce Co - I mean who doesn’t love a good game of Bocce? American Bocce Co is a social bocce league that mixes competitiveness with a social atmosphere.

Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer Leagues - offers a variety of soccer leagues both coed and single gender on multiple nights of the week!

Indoor Hoops - offers high-quality pickup basketball every night of the week!

Ultimate Frisbee Leagues - From the experienced club player to the beginner, Ultimate Chicago offers leagues for every skill level.