10 Items That Save You Money While Traveling

Are you like us and want to travel more? Of course you do! Below we have compiled some of the easiest ways to save money by keeping a few extra items in your travel backpack.

1. Collapsible Water Bottle

This is simply a must. If you get caught thirsty before a long flight then you are looking at spending $5+ on airport water! That’s why we recommend always having an extra collapsible water bottle in your backpack.

2. Electrolyte Powder

Have you ever had a few too many? Then don’t forget to add electrolyte powder packs to your backpack. You can get 50 packets for under $14. But if you wait until your hungover changes are you’ll be paying significantly more than that.

3. Energy Drink Enhancer

Ever needed a pick me up before a flight or while in a tourist trap? Then be sure to keep an energy drink enhancer in your backpack. For only $4 you can make up to 18 energy drinks! But if you wait until the last minute it’ll run you $4.99 for one drink at the airport!

4. Tea Bags

Starbucks is really reasonable and well worth the money! Just kidding! So why not just bring your own tea with you. I buy my tea in bulk from whole foods and it costs me less than $0.25 for each tea bag.

5. Extra Charger

Have you ever forgotten your phone or laptop charger and had to pay 5 times more to buy one from on the spot? Yeah, I thought so. So why not get an extra tiny charger that would charge most of your devices to make sure you’re not out of luck on your next trip.